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Dutch Government has implemented far-reaching measures in the fight against the corona virus (COVID-19). As a company, we take this very seriously and therefore we strictly adhere to the guidelines and recommendations of the Government.

We are aware of the risks to continuity of our service and to ensure this, we have made the necessary preparations. Where possible, our staff will be working from home and we will communicate with you via phone and/or email only. As a preventative measure, visits on location and/or abroad have been postponed until further notice, unless absolutely necessary.

At present, our production units have not been affected by the current decisions and it is certainly therefore our intent to continue to pursue our daily operations. When the time comes that new measures (or part of them) have to be applied, depends on the provision of information from the national government.

We will of course continue to keep a very close eye on all developments regarding COVID-19 and we will take further measures where necessary. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or +31 365491133.

We would like to conclude by saying: keep healthy and stay safe.

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