The dual-platen pneumatic NL-33 AUTO MAXI offers excellent performance. It delivers speedy and optimal results.

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Product Data Sheet

The NL-33 AUTO MAXI is a double pneumatic heat sealer with large press platens with a large press area (40×50 cm). As one item is sealed, the next piece can be placed on the other platen.

The electronics of the NL-33 AUTO MAXI can store five programmed settings. This makes switching between Flextrans and Truflex fast and efficient.

The NL-33 AUTO MAXI also has a counter indicating the number of cycles.

Product Data Sheet

Power supply (Volt) 240
Power consumption maximum (Watt) 3200
Temperature range (°C) 0 – 220
Timer (Sec-) 0 – 1.800
Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimetres) 627 x 1071 x 840
Sealing platen (Millimetres) 400 x 500
Noise level (Decibel) < 70
Air pressure range (Bar) 0 – 10
Usage liters per cycle @5 Bar 7,36
Weight (Kilogram) 148
Shipping weight (Kilogram) 172
Shipping dimensions HxWxD (Millimetres) 795 x 1160 x 970
Certification CE
  • Optional accessories are:
    • Laser pointer
    • Platen set
      • 12 x 8 cm
      • 15 x 15 cm
      • 12 x 42 cm
      • 25 x 30 cm
    • Platen for shoes
    • Table, heavy duty metal
    • Nomex cover for lower platen

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  • Pneumatic heat seal press
  • Double, large lower platens
  • Excellent performance
  • Up to 5 programmable settings
  • Easy operation
  • Energy efficient

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