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Digiline is one of Thermopatch's most advanced products. The features that make Digiline emblems special are the unlimited colour options, photographic details, and the ability to produce the emblems in nearly any shape or size.

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Product Data Sheet

Digiline emblems are digitally printed. Any desired colour can be ordered using the Pantone Matching System. An additional advantage of Digiline is the relatively short delivery period of 7 days following approval of the artwork.

Digiline is available in two versions: Digiline and Digiline Pro.

Digiline emblems can be applied to materials where strength and durability are needed. The emblem is resistant to industrial washing at 203°F. Despite this high washing temperature, the fresh, bright, and vibrant colours are guaranteed for a long time. Digiline can be produced with a woven effect, which enhances the overall look.

Digiline emblems are applied to a fabric at a temperature of 383°F. The production process and the Digiline emblems are Oeko-Tex certified.

Digiline Pro
Digiline Pro is lighter and more flexible compared to the standard Digiline. These emblems are suitable for promotional purposes and sportswear. A club name, logo or sponsor is presented in the best possible way with the Pro version. In addition to the full colour images, Digiline Pro effects such as 3D, emboss, gloss, and even a leather look are possible.

Digiline Pro is applied to fabrics at a temperature of 293°F and can be washed up to 104°F. It is possible to apply this emblem with a Thermopatch heat sealing machine. Alternatively, to increase ease of use, Digiline Pro is also easy to apply with an iron on any type of fabric. The production process and the Digiline Pro emblems are Oeko-Tex certified.

The minimum order quantity is 15 pieces per design.

Product Data Sheet


Digiline Pro

Digliline emblems are compliant to Oekotex product class II, under certificate number 1012046 Centexbel.

Digitally printed emblems which are applied to textiles or other heat sealable materials by heat and pressure for decoration or identification.

– Digiline is industrially washable up to 95°C.
– Good chemical resistance.
– DigilinePro is washable up to 40 °C
– Digiline products are suitable for all textiles which allow the thermoplastic adhesive to penetrate and bind itself to it and which are resistant to its application temperatures.

Limitations of use
Digiline with high temperature glue applications are washable up to 95 °C industrial washing. DiglinePro with low temperature glue application is washable up to 40 °C.

Physical properties
Colour imprint: various
Colour base textile: white
Colour glue laminate: clear
Sizes: various

Before sealing
Ensure that the to be marked textile is free of lint, dust, dirt and no seams, zipper, buttons etc. are near the place where the heat sealing will be performed.
– Good bonding can be prevented in pre-conditioned fabrics with a dirt or water repellant or flame retardant treatment or coating.
– Pre-sealing can amend problems with adhesion on certain repellant or flameretardant coated textiles.
– Re-sealing can amend problems with adhesion on certain repellant or flameretardant treated textiles.

Heat seal instructions
– Digiline: 195 °C for 14 seconds at 0.5 kg/cm2* pressure on a pneumatic heat seal machine, or firm – strong pressure on a manually operated machine.
– DigilinePro: 145 °C for 15 seconds at 0.5 kg/cm2* pressure, or medium pressure on a manually operated machine.
– Make sure that the sealing plate of the machine is clean and undamaged.
– Close the heat seal press with the set temperature, time and pressure.
– Remove the garment from the machine after the heat sealing cycle is finished.
– Place the next article and repeat above.

(*) For an optimal heat sealing result we advise to set the pressure on any large platen pneumatic heat seal press to 3-5 bar on the pressure regulator of the machine, when using the standard issued underplaten. When using smaller underplatens, decrease pressure to avoid damage to the transfers.

Handling and storage
Keep away from oxidizing agents, from strongly alkaline en strongly acid materials. Store out of direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place.


  • Strong version or flexible lightweight
  • Sharp, full colour images
  • Pro version for additional effects like 3D, shine or embroidery effect
  • Can be applied with an iron

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