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When Thermopatch introduced the TLW system over 20 years ago it was innovative and considered a high quality product. Now 20 years later the dot matrix label is still widely used and is a proven technology.

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Product Data Sheet

The Thermopatch Label Writer system (TLW) prints on a cloth label with indelible ink, both manufactured by Thermopatch. The combination of the cloth label, indelible ink and heat-seal adhesive are made to withstand the most harsh wash cycles and remain affixed to the material for the life of that garment.

The TLW912 system comes complete with PC, monitor, mouse, keyboard, USB cable, titan label writer software and the Epson LQ-590 dot matrix printer. You can also buy the Epson LQ-590 printer and Titan software seperately. The Epson LQ-590 come standard with a second tractor feed to help stabalize the labels while printing and a roll holder that attaches on the back of the printer.

To see what sizes of labels are available, call Thermopatch today. There are 9 standard colors of labels available. White, Tan, Blue, Lavender, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange and Pink. There are also 2 types of adhesive available, one for industrial washing (TJ tape) and the second to adhere to clean room materials (TK tape).


  • Cloth label
  • 9 Colors Available
  • User Friendly
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 1 Year Warranty

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