Durable, compact and loaded with extras. The hs4e/hs3e has many features included, digital readouts, adjustable pressure, energy savings mode to name a few. The biggest improvement is the new durable heater.

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Product Data Sheet

The heater heats up faster than any other heat-seal on the market, under 4 minutes and now will hold its temperature within a tighter range (5 degrees)

The hs3e and hs4e come standard with a 4” x 5” platen. The platen can easily be raised or lowered to help create the optimal pressure for various thicknesses of garments. Thermopatch also manufacturers optional sizes of platens, these are ideal for smaller labels where you can match the size of the platen to the size of the label.

The hs3e is a manually opening heat-seal and makes a beeping sound when the time cycle is finished. Simply lift the handle up when the sound is heard.

The hs4e is an automatically opening heat-seal. This feature enables the worker to do other functions while the label is sealing without the worry of leaving the heat platen on the material any longer then the pre-set time cycle.



  • Digital readouts and controls
  • Energy saving feature (Sleep Mode)
  • No compressed air required
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable pressure

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