Minute-Mark can be sealed on with a Thermopatch heat seal machine set at a low temperature or with a hand iron.

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Thermopatch has developed a new application which can be used on almost all delicate garments : Minute-Mark.

Hand iron and heat seal

Minute-Mark can be hand ironed on! First turn off the steam and set the iron to the wool(medium)setting. Next place the Minute-Mark product in the desired position on the material and then lay the protective paper that is supplied with the designs in-between the Minute-Mark design and the hand iron. Use a hard surface and press the hand iron down firmly for 60 seconds.

The ability to hand iron offers an unlimited amount of options. The lower heat required to apply this means a wider array of delicate materials can be used without damaging the product or leaving a heat imprint.

Thermopatch heat seal machine, conditions are as follows:

270°F for 14 to 20 seconds or
300°F for 10 to 12 seconds


Because of our newest printing techniques the Minute-Mark product can be produced in almost any color, shape and size; there are almost no limitations. Moreover, the applications can also contain a photographic image.

The Minute-Mark product can be delivered in standard sizes, up to 80 sq inches, with a minimum quantity of 15 pieces per design. Larger sizes are custom and quoted seperately.


If you are looking for an application for industrial wash, try our Digi-Line emblem.

Orders up to 2,500 pieces ship within 5 working days of art approval. Larger orders may be subject to only a partial shipment within the same 5 day period. Customer will be notified of expected completion date at time of partial shipment.

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