Thermo-Trans is an effective way of manufacturing non-tactile laundry labels for clothing such as shirts, polos and underwear. The only limitation is your creativity!

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Product Data Sheet

Thermo-Trans Transfers

A special thermal ink and carrier paper are combined to make Thermo-Trans. Now you can create your own care labels “in house” and print on demand any quantity needed. Add your own serial numbers, bar codes, increment/decrement numbers, etc…

The 3T System

The system consists of our a 4-2 thermal printer, Bartender software, TD2000-01 transfer media and thermal ink.

Bartender Software

Bartender software has all the bells and whistles you’re looking for in a software package. Drag and Drop, add logos, increment numbers, serialize barcodes, etc…all in a Windows environment. Visit our web site to download a free 30-day trial.

TD2000-01 and thermal ink

Each package of TD2000-01 transfer media contains two 164-yard rolls and one ink ribbon. The ink is available in Black, Silver and Gold.
15 – Black
19 – Silver
20 – Gold

How it all works together

Load the TD media and ink on the a4-2 printer. Guides help position the media in the printer for easy loading. Next, configure your transfer in the Bartender software. You can choose the height of each transfer, add as many lines of text, numbers, barcodes and logos that will fit the height that you choose, then select print. The a4-2 has a built in cutter that will cut and drop the transfer automatically for you. You’ll notice the transfer was printed in mirror image, once you heat-seal this to the shirt and peel away the paper carrier it will be readable.

No more ordering a minimum quantity of transfers, print one, two or as many as you like each time. It’s that simple!

Heat Sealing

To apply the self made transfer you can use basically any heat-seal press out of our wide range of presses and please note it takes only 8 seconds to transfer.


  • Print your own care labels
  • Customize your design
  • Print serial numbers, barcodes
  • Cost Effective

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