Woven emblems

Thermopatch creates the highest quality textured emblems with clearly legible text and detailed images.

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Product Data Sheet

Woven emblems are a striking product within the extensive range of Thermpatch. Available in various shapes, these emblems have a beautiful “look & feel” thanks to laser-cut technology and a raised, embroidered border. In addition, this emblem is both flexible and durable.

The colour palette of this type of emblem contains no less than 470 colours. Per design images of up to 8 different colours are possible. The result is a product with sharp details and a high quality appearance.

Woven emblems are available with two types of adhesive: for a high or low processing temperature.

Product Data Sheet

Woven emblems
(low temperature)
Woven emblems
(high temperature)


  • Great detail with luxurious appearance
  • Available in any size, shape and colour
  • Smooth, soft and fine
  • Laser-cut technology and durable
  • Complies with Oeko-Tex Class 1

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