CombiTex/CombiPly wurde speziell für Flachwäsche entwickelt, die gebügelt werden muss. Kein anderes Band ist so geschmeidig und dünn, aber gleichzeitig so stark.

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CombiTex ist ein dünnes, geschmeidiges Band, dass bei bis zu 195 °C gebügelt werden kann. CombiTex kann außerdem mit einer selbstklebenden Schicht geliefert werden: CombiPly. CombiPly ist mit CombiTex identisch, die selbstklebende Schicht ermöglicht es dem Verwender jedoch, das Etikett vorher leichter zu positionieren.

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Label tape for thermal transfer printing for labeling residents personal wear in nursing homes/elderly homes. The tape will stand up to ironing in most cases.
The tape is supplied as pre-cut tape or as continuous tape and is available in various sizes. CombiPly is CombiTex tape with a self-adhesive layer.

Wash resistant up to 95 °C industrial laundry washing.
Ironer resistant up to 195 °C
Suitable for all textile which allows the thermoplastic adhesive to penetrate and bind itself to it and which is resistant to the advised heat seal application temperatures.

Article code Size Number of labels
COMBITEX 40 40 mm continuous tape
COMBITEX 50 50 mm continuous tape
COMBITEX 60 60 mm continuous tape
COMBITEX 70 70 mm continuous tape
COMBITEX 80 80 mm continuous tape
COMBITEX 90 90 mm continuous tape
COMBITEX 3812 38 x 12,7 mm pre-cut tape ca. 7.870 labels
COMBITEX 4116 41 x 16 mm pre-cut tape ca. 6.250 labels
COMBITEX 4619 46 x 19 mm pre-cut tape ca. 5.200 labels
COMBITEX 6312 63 x 12,7 mm pre-cut tape ca. 7.870 labels
COMBIPLY 3812 38 x 12 mm pre-cut tape ca. 6.560 labels
COMBIPLY 4114 41 x 14 mm pre-cut tape ca. 5.096 labels
COMBIPLY 6312 63 x 12 mm pre-cut tape ca. 6.560 labels
COMBIPLY 8414 84 x 14 mm pre-cut tape ca. 5.902 labels
COMBIPLY 8423 84 x 23 mm pre-cut tape ca. 3.936 labels
COMBIPLY 8448 84 x 48 mm pre-cut tape ca. 1.968 labels


Physical properties
– Thermal transfer printable top layer
– Polyester textile
– Thermoplastic adhesive

– Thermal transfer printable top layer
– Polyester textile
– Thermoplastic adhesive
– Pressure sensitive adhesive
– Carrier paper

Handling and storage
Keep away from oxidizing agents, from strongly alkaline en strongly acid materials.
Store out of direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place.
Shelf life: estimated more than 2 years under mentioned conditions.

No specific safety measures are required when working with this product. We advise always to ventilate well at heat-sealing activities, since vapours may occur from any material such as textiles being processed.

Besondere Eigenschaften

  • Robust und geschmeidig
  • Bügelfähig bei bis zu 195 °C
  • Optional vorgeschnitten
  • Speziell für Flachwäsche entwickelt

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