Verlängern Sie die Lebensdauer von Kleidungsstücken oder Textilien mit Thermopatch Reparatur-Patches. Dank der innovativen Technologie verfügen unsere Patches über eine extradünne, glatte Thermoplastbeschichtung und besonders robuste Eigenschaften.

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Eine besondere Klebschicht auf der Rückseite der Patches wird unter Druck erhitzt. Damit wird eine optimale Haftung zwischen Stoff und Patch erzielt. Reparaturmaterial ist auf Rollen oder in vorgeschnittenen Patches erhältlich. Wählen Sie den benötigten Stoff aus unserem Farbfächer aus. Bei 70 unterschiedlichen Stoffen und 27 Patchgrößen findet sich immer eine Lösung.


Repair patches

Repair patches

Patches and rolls for repair and marking purposes are applied to textile or other heat sealable materials by heat, time and pressure.

– Wash resistant up to 95 °C industrial laundry washing
– Dry-cleaning resistant
– High heat-sealing temperatures
– Suitable for all textile which allows the thermoplastic adhesive to penetrate and bind itself to it and which is resistant to the advised heat seal application temperatures.

Physical properties
– Textile, various compositions and weavings
– Thermoplastic adhesive
– Other sizes available upon request

Rolls of 50 metres length, width from 10-1400 mm.

Before sealing
Ensure that the to be marked textile is free of lint, dust, dirt and no seams, zipper, buttons etc. are near the place where the heat sealing will be performed.
Remark: Good bonding can be prevented in pre-conditioned fabrics with a dirt or water repellent coating.

Heat seal instructions
204 °C at 16 to 12 seconds at 0.5 kg/cm² pressure on a pneumatic heat seal machine or firm – strong pressure on a manually operated machine.
– Make sure that the sealing plate of the machine is clean and undamaged
– Position the patch onto the garment
– Close the heat seal press with the set temperature, time and pressure
– Leave the garment to cool down for a few seconds before taking it off the machine

Handling and storage
Keep away from oxidizing agents, from strongly alkaline en strongly acid materials.
Store out of direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place.
Shelf life: estimated more than 2 years under mentioned conditions.

No specific safety measures are required when working with this product. We advise always to ventilate well at heat-sealing activities, since vapours may occur from any material such as textiles being processed.

Besondere Eigenschaften

  • 70 Textilien
  • 27 Patchformate
  • Schnelle und kostengünstige Textilausbesserungen
  • In nahezu jeder Qualität verfügbar

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