This strong and flexible thermal tape is available either as continuous tape or in a pre-cut version, in white and a range of other colours. Combined with our specially developed HIQ ink ribbons, an optimal end result is guaranteed.

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Product Data Sheet

The HiQ-tape developed by Thermopatch has been the world’s leading standard for years. The label’s combined print quality and strong adhesion can withstand any industrial washing process with ease. HiQ-tape is strong and can be pre-printed with text in any colour combination.

The tape can be supplied in several widths, or pre-cut in various sizes. HiQ-tape cannot be ironed. HIQ-tape is also available with a self-adhesive backing: Hytex.

Next to white, HiQ tape is available in the following colors (Hytex on request):

Shown colors may be different from the actual colors.

The HiQ series has now been extended with the introduction of HiQ-Clean. Tape from this range has a different adhesive layer, making it possible to apply the tape to barrier fabrics and similar synthetic materials. This includes specialist workwear in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries.

This type of tape is also ideally suited for textiles in clean room environments. It is, however, not suitable for surgical clothing which is sterilized using an autoclave. HiQ-Clean is available as either continuous or die-cut tape with the same dimensions as other products from the HiQ series.

Product Data Sheet



  • Flexible and strong tape
  • Perfect adhesion
  • Tape and ink ribbon: a good combination

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