The HS-4-C is versatile, powerful and swift.
A perfect, compact heat seal press from our extensive range.

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Product Data Sheet

The manual desktop heat seal press HS-4-C is used for the application of identification tags, emblems and textiles transfers. The machine has a powerful heating element. The top platen warms up in seconds and is ready for use, even in sleep mode. The digital control buttons allow you to set the time, temperature and energy-saving mode. After completing a press cycle, the HS-4-C will open automatically. This helps to accelerate a heat sealing job considerably.

With the HS-4-C you can switch platens easily from medium to a smaller size and vice versa without using any tools.

Product Data Sheet


Power supply (Volt) 230
Power (Watt) 600
Operating temperature (°C) 204
Temperature range (°C) 20 – 230
Press time range 1 – 60 sec.
Machine height, open 550 mm
Machine height, closed 550 mm
Machine width 550 mm
Machine depth, open 350 mm
Machine depth, closed 350 mm
Gross weight, including packaging 37.5 kg
Net weight 27.7 kg
Fuses 2x 3.15 Ampere
Weighted sound pressure (A) <70 dB


  • Lower platen (optional)
  • Compressor (optional)

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  • Versatile, compact and fast
  • Opens automatically
  • Powerful heating element with energy saving mode
  • Digital control

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