Experience optimum ease of use and freedom with the
NL-28. It delivers more work space by way of a sliding lower platen.

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Product Data Sheet

The NL-28 is a hand operated heat seal press with large platens (40×50 cm). This press is especially suitable for applying all sizes of transfers and emblems to t-shirts, polos, jackets etc.

This model has an added advantage: the lower platen is extendable for optimum ease of use.

Sealing time and temperature are easy to set thanks to the graphical display. Three different programs can be stored in memory. The machine opens automatically after pre-heating and after each press cycle.

Product Data Sheet

Power supply (Volt) 240
Power consumption maximum (Watt) 2500
Temperature range (°C) 0 – 220
Timer (Sec-) 0 – 570
Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimetres) 570 x 439 x 760
Sealing platen (Millimetres) 400 x 500
Noise level (Decibel) < 70
Air pressure range (Bar) N/A
Weight (Kilogram) 59
Shipping weight (Kilogram) 76
Shipping dimensions HxWxD (Millimetres) 940 x 530 x 760
Certification CE
  • Press table (optional)
  • Lower platens (optional)


  • Hand operated heat seal press with large platens (40×50 cm)
  • Sliding lower platen
  • Standard Nomex® cover
  • Quick release platen

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