Fiberolls Tagging System

Forget coupon books, pre-printed forms, and handwritten tags - with our complete Fiberolls Tagging System you can create clear, super strong labels on demand for your laundry or dry-cleaning business.

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Product Data Sheet

The Fiberolls Tagging System from Thermopatch is a very user-friendly label printing system for the temporary marking of textiles that need to be washed or dry cleaned. The system comes as a complete set, ready for any user to get started right away.

A starter kit contains:
– A HiQ-EOS2 printer with cutter (300 dpi)
– Pre-installed software for printing various labels and receipts
– A modern and compact QWERTY keyboard with USB connection
– 12 Fiberolls in white at 100 mm wide x 50 meters, core 50 mm and
– 8 Fiberolls in white with colour marking*
– 10 HiQ ink ribbons at 104 meters x 110 mm, 25 mm core (1 inch)

(*) Available colours are blue, grey, lavender, yellow, green, red, orange, and pink. The marking is 10 mm wide, 2 mm from the edge.

Clear and economical
One or more lines of information can be entered via the colour display of the HiQ-EOS2 printer. After choosing the number of labels, both a receipt for the client and a copy receipt for the store are also printed. The labels and receipts include an automatically generated QR code, for quick reading of the information with a scanner. Simply attach the label with a staple through a buttonhole or on any other part of a garment.

With the Fiberolls Tagging System, making and placing labels is fast, clean, and economical, thanks to on-demand printing. No more hassle with receipts, booklets, or forms. The label layout is easy to adjust, to include extra information such as opening times, special promotions, etc.

The system can work standalone with a USB keyboard connected to the printer, with any label layout stored either in the printer’s internal memory or on a USB stick.


  • complete set
  • fast, clean and economical system
  • various layouts for labels and receipts
  • user-friendly

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