Adding an image, logo, or brand name to a softshell jacket or sports shirt should work well first time, without the risk of a colour shining through or ink migration. The flexible Sublifix with a unique blocker immediately gives the best results without any risk of so-called 'bleeding'.

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Sportswear is often produced using sublimation printing techniques, with inks added to the polyester fabric to make it complete. The main advantage of this technique is that the garment remains lightweight, and the applied colours are bright and vivid. A drawback is that when applying a transfer to this type of garment, it is more difficult because of the risk of inks migrating.

The flexible, quality transfer Sublifix has an extra blocker layer that prevents any chance of ink migration (sublimation). Where a transfer such as Flextrans or Truflex cannot be used due to ‘bleeding’ of colours, Sublifix is the ideal solution.

Sublifix guarantees strong colours and high-resolution images. This transfer is available in almost any PMS colour, as well as in high visibility orange, green, red, pink, and yellow colours.


  • Strong colours
  • High resolution
  • Prevents ‘bleeding’ of colours
  • Oeko-Tex certified

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