Thermoseal tape

This type of tape is specially made for Thermo-Seal marking machines Y-151 and Y-600.

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Product Data Sheet

Combine colour and code successfully with an efficient sorting system. The Thermoseal tape adheres perfectly to most textiles and is available in 10 colours and white and two widths.

Thermoseal 4635 1/4″ for Y-600, Y-151, Y-140-B, Y-130 Rabbit, Y-126, etc.
Thermoseal 8635 1/2″ for Y-600 and Y-300 models.

Packed and supplied as 6 rolls per colour.

Shown colours may be different from the actual colors.

Product Data Sheet

Type Temperature °C Time seconds Pressure kg/cm2 Remarks Washing

Dry cleaning

Thermoseal 175 2,7 – 4,5 0,5 removable 95 °C


  • Special colour tape for Y-151 and Y-600
  • Available in 11 colours

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