Y-600 Thermoseal

Go for the highest quality in temporary marking with the versatile Y-600 Thermoseal. This modern labelling machine with unprecedented printing options will be a welcome addition to any laundry to organize sorting work optimally.

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Product Data Sheet

The Y-600 is an industrial inkjet printer that can print up to 3 lines of text, clipart, 1D barcodes and 2D codes such as datamatrix and QR in high resolution. Thanks to the countless printing options, this marking machine can make any sorting system within a laundry environment more efficient. Operation is intuitive and very simple. For organizations such as hotels or healthcare facilities, the Y-600 makes temporary labelling of textiles easy and fast.

Print any text you want, with or without a symbol, using the fast and very quiet inkjet printhead. In one operation, a label is printed, cut, and attached to clothing in seconds. The information printed on the label is resistant to chemical cleaning and the most intensive (industrial) washing processes.

The machine can either be used in its standard configuration, or can easily be connected, if required, to a computer system for even more functionality. Two types of Thermoseal temporary marking tapes are available for this machine in 11 different colours:
– ¼ inch tape (4635 tape)
– ½ inch tape (8635 tape)

Product Data Sheet

Power supply (Volt) 230V +/- 10%, 50-60Hz
Power consumption (Watt) 175
Operating conditions 15 to 35°C / 59 to 95°F, 35 to 80% RH
Temperature (°C) 176
Timer (Sec-) 1 – 99
Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimeters) 389 x 556,5 x 432,5
Weight (Kilogram) 18.5
Sealing platen (Millimeters) 34,7 x 14,3
Air pressure (Bar, minimum) 5
Usage liters per cycle @4 Bar 0,98
Certification CE


  • High quality prints for temporary marking
  • Super-fast and whisper-quiet inkjet printer
  • Suitable for text, clipart, 1D barcodes, 2D data matrix and QR
  • Can be used for printing via computer system

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