With the Thermark Dry ink ribbons (C/D-tape), marking becomes easy. Working with these ribbons goes fast and leaves no messy spots on fingers or the work area.

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Product Data Sheet

Dry ink ribbons

Thermark C- and D-tape are a clean, dry ink ribbon used in the Perm-A-Print or Deco-Print direct marking machines. The two currently manufactured machines are the DP2000T and the DP200JR.

Depending on the size of your marking plate, you select either a 1”, 2”, 3” or 4” ribbon.

The C-tape is supplied in 11 standard colors and D-tape has 3 standard colors. Special colors can be made for you if requested. The C-tape is for 100% cotton, Polyester/Cotton blends, while the D-tape is primarily used for most synthetics and barrier materials.

Packaging consists of the following, all 200 ft. rolls

C-10 = 1”, 6 rolls per package

C-20 = 2”, 3 rolls per package

C-30 = 3”, 2 rolls per package

C-40 = 4”, 1 roll per package

The engraved plates are also ordered through Thermopatch.

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