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Corporate Social Responsibility

United Nations Global Compact Progress – Communication on progress

Company name
Thermopatch BV
Draaibrugweg 14
1332 AD
The Netherlands
Number of employees
Submission date
June, 2013
Membership date
Contact person
Linda Corbeau
HRM assistent
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Role, mission and strategy

We commit to aligning our operations and strategies with the ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The company’s core values of Safety and Health, Environmental Stewardship, Highest Ethical Behavior, and Respect for People are directly aligned with the values set out in the Global Compact.
For over 75 years Thermopatch has held a premier position in developing heat seal machines, labels, direct imprint equipment, mending material and other related supplies for the laundry, dry clean and garment manufacturing industries. We not only strive to achieve the sales goals we have set for ourselves such as high quality and great customer service, but also we have a clear vision of what is required in terms of shared responsibility to achieve the collective goal of sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing in order to make products safe and available, anytime anywhere and establish the conditions within our organization necessary for as one behavior to take root and succeed.

Our mission is to promote socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development programs, building on our core knowledge and experience with an emphasis on individual policy tools and instruments and their effective combination.


• To actively build and support partnerships for development
• To employ the knowledge, products and expertise of Thermopatch in development projects
• To build local capacity and ensure sustainability by working actively through knowledge sharing and training
• To support the development of innovative and cost-effective products

Our business and its impacts

Thermopatch produces images for corporate workwear, sports garments and promotional clothing for which the highest quality and service standards are required. We have displayed this high standard since 1934. Thermopatch is now a leading company in this market.

Our products can be divided into three categories:
  • Identity products
  • Label systems
  • Heat seal equipment

During the development stage of our products, we are constantly thinking about how we can make our products user-friendly for our customers without compromising on quality. The results are a perfect print emblem, transfer or label with optimal washability and a lifetime warranty. Thousands of satisfied customers experience this on a daily basis.

Our international success is not just due to our innovative way of working and high quality of our products; it is also due to our service and fast deliveries. Thermopatch has several production locations and a worldwide network of distributors and sales advisors. The close proximity to our customer ensures a quick service. Additionally, in corporate identity products, Thermopatch offers very good support in services and supplier reliability.

Principle 1: Business should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and
Principle 2: Make sure that they are not complicit in human right abuses

Our policy

Thermopatch acknowledges the importance of supporting and protecting the UN Human Rights Charter.

Activities implemented

  • Thermopatch provides a safe and pleasant working environment to all its employees
  • Thermopatch has developed internal procedures such as social media protocol in which the principles of mutual respect to each other is outlined

Activities planned

  • In progress
Principle 3: Business should uphold freedom of associations and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining
Principle 4: The elimination of all forms of force and compulsory labour
Principle 5: The effective abolition of child labour and
Principle 6: The elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation

Our policy

Our employment policy acknowledges our responsibilities to employees and the importance of creating and maintaining a working environment where the basic rights of all employees are recognized.

Our employment procedures are built on the following principles:

  • Non-discrimination between employees of potential employees and equal opportunities for all
  • Recruitment, promotion and development of employees based on each individuals attitude, abilities and skills
  • Provision of suitable training according to roles and responsibilities
  • Employee remuneration that meets legal national standards
  • Effective communication with our employees
  • Provide healthy and safe working conditions for all our employees, including customers

Activities implemented

  • We maintain healthy and safe working conditions for all our employees
  • We supply corporate clothing that meets highest safety standards for all our employees in the production department
  • We have effective programs put in place to manage health and to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • We make all employees aware of health and safety regulations and procedures that are relevant to their position for which we have appointed a certified Health and Safety Officer
  • Thermopatch continually reviews its standards of health and safety and complies to European and National guidelines
  • Every 5 year a preventive medical check-up is organized for all Thermopatch employees

Activities planned

  • Regular review of our safety standards as required by European and national health and safety regulations. By undertaking a periodic Risk Inventory and Assessment we are constantly reviewing these standards
Principle 7: Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
Principle 8: Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
Principle 9: Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

Our Policy

We acknowledge the importance of Thermopatch supporting a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, undertaking initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and encouraging the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Actions implemented to minimize heat, energy loss and fuel usage:

Office lighting
We have undertaken a planned replacement of older inefficient office lighting by energy saving (40% off the office electricity bill) lighting. All light switches are being replaced with automatic office lighting activated by movement sensors (when movement occurs, light switches on).
Window panes
Replacement of all windows with ultra-high efficient (double pane) windows.
Central Heating
Introduction of programmable heating controller (24/7 active clock program for energy-efficient central heating) and insulating the water supply system to save energy.
Replacement of an inefficient compressor for manufacturing purposes by an energy-saving compressor which automatically reduces compression levels to the all-zero state and provides production machines only when compression is required.
Disposal of hazardous waste
All hazardous waste is disposed off using special recycle containers.
Digital archiving
Company has a Digital Archiving Policy to minimize wastage of paper.
Company has disposal containers for packaging materials for recycling purposes when possible.
Promotion of bicycle use
Promote bicycle use among our employees by offering a special arrangement to purchase a bicycle.
Company cars
All new company cars meet the Euro-5 norms and are expected to meet the latest standards requirements concerning low CO2 emissions.
Public transportation
Company supports the use of public transportation during business travelling to reduce the amount of air pollution/global warming and transportation costs for the company itself (parking costs at the airport, car hire).
Waste water management
To manage our global water program, we have implemented the online reporting system H2O Insight.

Development of technologies

Manufacturing process
Thermopatch maintains environmentally responsible manufacturing processes by using water-based materials and reduces wastage by optimizing and/or replacing inefficient manufacturing processes to ensure energy and resource efficient production.

Oeko-Tex standard
Thermopatch products are certified with Oeko-Tex standard which means all components meet the required criteria (environmentally friendly) and conformity is verified by an independent organization (third party).

European Regional Development Fund
A part of our innovation is subsidized with support of the European Regional Development Fund ERDF of the European Commission.