Digitally printed heat-seal emblems with a fire retardant adhesive. High quality, durable looking image for safety garments.

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Product Data Sheet

Digi-FR are digitally printed heat-sealable emblems, the inks used are made to withstand laundry washings and remain resilient looking after multiple washes. Order your logo, a picture of someone or something, whatever design you like, it’s simple. Send us what you are looking for and we will quote you a price.

Digi-FR are produced within 5 production days after approval of the artwork.

Due to the thicker base material used not all shapes are possible. We will show what is possible through the artwork.

Digi-FR are digitally printed so any color or amount of colors is possible, including shading.

Technical Specifications
Digi-FR is produced using a slightly thicker textile to ensure the adhesion to the garment.

Digi-FR has an Oeko-Tex certification.

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