Looking for the best results for direct branding on textiles, such as logo, coding or washing instructions? Meet the DP200JR. An economic direct printing machine for all materials.

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The DP200JR or Junior as we call it, is an economically priced direct imprint machine that hot stamps a property mark, logo and/or wording in a fraction of a second, directly onto a material. The applied mark itself is pennies in cost, yet maintains its quality look through many commercial washings.

The process is simple, slide in an engraved plate with your design into the machine; tracks can be added for inter-changeable fonts or numbers. Select and load what color C- or D-tape you would like to use. Let the DP200JR warm up to the operating temperature and it is ready to be used. The process takes between 4/10th to 5 seconds per mark depending on the material being hot stamped.

The C-tape is supplied in 12 standard colors and D-tape has 3 standard colors. Special colors can be made for you if requested. The C-tape is for 100% cotton, Polyester/Cotton blends, while the D-tape is primarily used for most synthetics and barrier materials.

The DP200JR high speed, low cost mark makes for the most cost-effective solution for branding materials.

Want to take it a step further? Take a look at our DP2000T, all the functions above, plus a sensor added for automatic transfer feed and a laser guide to help with placement of the design.

Pictured are two rolls of C-tape, an engraved plate, font kit and a tool for handling the engraved plate when it is hot. The tool is provided with the machine.


  • Print directly on textiles with an engraved plate
  • Easy direct imprint of logos and/or variable characters
  • Economic with great results

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