Thermal printed HiQ labels with a self-adhesive backing. Making placement of the label before heat-sealing simple.

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The HiQ tape developed by Thermopatch has been the world’s leading standard for years. The label’s combined print quality and strong adhesion can withstand industrial washing process with ease. The Hytex also has a self-adhesive backing making placement of the label even easier. Stick the label in place and move the garment to the heat-seal machine.

Supplied two rolls per package and one thermal ink ribbon.

Use in combination with the HiQ SQUIX, HiQ EOS thermal printers or they can be used with your current thermal printer.

Hytex is supplied in several perforated sizes:

HT1441-01 is 9/16”x1-5/8”, 6,097 per package
HT1458-01 is 9/16”x2-1/4”, 6,097 per package
HT1484-01 is 9/16”x3-5/16”, 6,097 per package
HT1953-01 is ¾”x2-1/16”, 4,761 per package
HT2384-01 is 15/16”x3-5/16”, 3,937 per package
HT3684-01 is 1-7/16”x3-5/16”, 2,624 per package
HT4884-01 is 1-15/16”x3-5/16”, 1,968 per package
HT5050-01 is 2”x2”, 1,923 per package

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