Thermopatch developed Impressio to prevent an unwanted shiny effect on textile after sealing an emblem or transfer.

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Product Data Sheet

This silicone foam sheets is used by placing the material over the exposed textile and around the product you wish to heat seal. Any imprint coming from the platen or carrier is transferred to Impressio rather than to the garment.

Impressio is supplied in 4 sheets (16.5″ x 19.68″)

Directions for use

  • Place the garment onto the lower platen of the heat seal press
  • Position the emblem or transfer as required onto the garment
  • Surround the edges of the emblem or transfer with strips of Impressio material, ensuring the lower platen is fully covered (alternatively a template could be made for repeat use)
  • Seal the emblem or transfer following the usual guidelines for the product in use


Some pneumatic large platen heat seal presses cannot generate enough pressure to seal as instructed above. For machines such as these it is advisable to put a piece of Impressio underneath the garment on the spot where the heat seal product is planned. Then place the garment on the lower sealing platen as shown in the sketches and heat seal.


Ensure the strips are laid against each other, not on top of each other, for even pressure.

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