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The latest innovation of Thermopatch is Textra. A transfer based on years of experience in heat sealing combined with the latest digital printing techniques.

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Product Data Sheet

A smart production process with modern inks give Textra a high quality and appearance thanks to its deep colours. Another additional advantage is a shorter delivery time and a sharp price.

Textra Sport
Textra Sport has almost the same features as Textra. Great advantage of this heat transfer however, is the stretch ability. With high print quality and durability it is an ideal product for supple fabrics such as sportswear. Available in any size and shape and very intense colours.

Due to a lower temperature during sealing and a special blocker, sublimation of paint in clothing or any other textile is prevented.

Product Data Sheet

Textra Sport


  • High-tech and colourful
  • Sharp details
  • Photographic images and gradients
  • Applicable to various textiles

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