FasTag is een revolutionaire ontwikkeling van Thermopatch. FasTag is zeer dun en flexibel en nauwelijks voelbaar in boven- en onderkleding. Het is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het merken van persoonsgebonden kleding waarbij draagcomfort voorop staat.

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Product Data Sheet

Het label kan worden voorbedrukt met ieder gewenst logo. Met behulp van de HiQ-printers kan een naam of bijvoorbeeld (bar)code worden geprint. Het bijgeleverde inktlint geeft een blijvend goed leesbare afdruk op het band.

FasTag is tot max. 95 °C wasbaar maar kan niet worden gemangeld en daarom niet geschikt voor platgoed.

Product Data Sheet


Fastag is compliant with Oekotex 100, class II under certificate 1012046 Centexbel. Colour: White.

Fastag has been especially developed for the labeling of garments in healthcare and personalising garments in nursing homes, elderly homes etc.

Thin and pliable thermal transfer printable foil, for high temperature application by heat sealing. The labels cannot be removed from the garments but can be easily covered by re-sealing a printed label with new information over of the old one.

Limitations of use
For application to temperature and pressure sensitive textiles, Thermopatch recommends to test the suitability for heat sealing at the advised machine settings.

Physical properties
Sold per package, containing 2 rolls of 50 m of Fastag label tape, a print head cleaning set and 1 inkribbon G7.

Sizes available:

Article code Dimensions Nr of Labels Ink Core
FasTag 1706 C4 17 x 06 mm 44.444 Out 76 mm
FasTag 3612 36 x 12 mm 6.560 Out 50 mm
FasTag 4114 41 x 14,4 mm 5.906 Out 50 mm
FasTag 5319 53 x 19 mm 4.592 Out 50 mm
FasTag 6312 63 x 12,7 mm 6.560 Out 50 mm
FasTag 7523 75 x 23,4 mm 3.936 Out 50 mm
FasTag 8423 84 x 23,4 mm 3.936 Out 50 mm
FasTag 8436 84 x 36 mm 2.624 Out 50 mm
FasTag 9048 90 x 48 mm 1.968 Out 50 mm
FasTag30 30 mm Out 50 mm
FasTag40 40 mm Out 50 mm
FasTag50 50 mm Out 50 mm
FasTag60 60 mm Out 50 mm
FasTag70 70 mm Out 50 mm
FasTag80 80 mm Out 50 mm
FasTag90 90 mm Out 50 mm


Before sealing
Ensure that the garment is free of lint, dust, dirt and no seams, zipper, buttons etc. are near the place where the heat sealing will be performed.
Remark: Good bonding can be impaired by pre-conditioned fabrics with a dirt or water repellant coating.

Heat seal instructions
Heat seal Fastag at 195 – 204 °C at 15 – 10 seconds at firm pressure on a pneumatic heat seal machine (0,5 kg/cm2 i.e. 3 – 5 bar setting on the machine in most cases) or medium – firm pressure on a manually operated heat seal machine.

Handling and storage
Keep away from oxidizing agents, from strongly alkaline en strongly acid materials. Store in the original packing, out of direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place.


  • Flexibel en superdun
  • Voorbedrukt
  • Geeft groot draagcomfort

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