The Easy Seal is an exceptional machine for high volume emblem and label applications.

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Product Data Sheet

The Easy Seal and Easy Seal AV are a high volume production heat-seal machine capable of heat-sealing while you are loading the other lower platen to get ready for the next heat-seal. There are two basic models, the manual pivot Easy Seal or the automatic pivot Easy Seal AV.

For the manual pivot Easy Seal, you simply rotate the upper head with the handle until it is over the lower platen, press the button on the handle and the button on the machine and it will heat-seal. The two handed button activation is for safety.

The Easy Seal AV you press the red button on the side of the machine and it automatically moves to the other lower platen and heat-seals. The speed of the upper head swing is easily adjustable.

Safety Features include:

  • Full circuitry touch sensitive safety bar with automatic shutdown.
  • Bumper guards around all platens.
  • Plexiglass guard, covers pinch point between the upper platen and hood.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Electronic fuse mounted under front panel for accessibility.

Both machines come standard with 4”x6” platens. You can add Pro-Con to both units.

What is Pro-Con?
Pro-Con replaces the manual set timer with a sensor that automatically detects material temperature and adjusts the dwell time to give an optimal heat-seal every time. Some materials heat up faster than others causing the adhesive to flow quicker into the fabrics, while other thicker materials absorb the heat and take longer to make the adhesive flow. With Pro-Con you don’t have to manually adjust the timer for various thicknesses of materials, it senses it automatically and adjusts the dwell time.

Highest production heat-seal on the market!

Product Data Sheet

Electrical Requirements: 1500 Watt Power Consumption (4” X 6” platens)
120Volt–60Hzcycle or 13Amps
Air Requirements: 3/8” (.9525 cm) supply tubing 80 psi
.5 cubic feet free air consumption per cycle
Overall height 25”   63.5 cm
Overall width at base 26”   66 cm
Overall depth at base 20”   51 cm
  • Additional platen size- 3” X 4” (optional)
  • Garment Trays (optional)
  • Manual or Automatic Swing (AV) (optional)
  • Heavy duty pedestal with level adjustment ∇ Pro-Con by MiRiCal (optional)


  • Designed for durability & ease of maintenance
  • One heated pivotal upper head & two lower heated platens
  • Conveniently located air pressure gauge & regulator
  • Adjustable timer supports a variety of time requirements

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