Thermopatch’s HiQ soft, strong thermal labels have been developed to give the adhesion required for the industrial laundry and dry cleaning industries. The combination of the labels and ink are extremely important part of this system.

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The benefits of using HiQ thermal labels are numerous and the best of them all is peace of mind. Once heat-sealed onto a garment with the proper heat-seal specifications, you can be assured it will remain affixed to the garment until you decide to remove it.

The new adhesive introduced this past year gives double the pull strength on certain fabrics; this makes the HiQ label ideal for new garments, FR materials and blue jean materials that have always been tricky to heat-seal. Accompany that with the innovative additive in the top coat to help fight dye migration and you have a permanent identification solution that will help you achieve higher bar code scan rates and give you a label more appealing to the customers eyes.

HiQ tape is available in the following colors:

On thinner garments, the clear adhesive used will not squeeze through the material and be seen like white adhesives.

Have a route change or just want to remove a label to put the garment back in service?

It’s simple, unlike thinner labels, the HiQ label is designed to remain affixed, but also be removed with relative ease. Heat the label for 6 seconds, pick at a corner while it is hot and pull it off.

HiQ Label Types
Perforated tape (TC) utilizes sensors in the thermal printer for high-speed printing. Continuous tape (TH) is cut by the printer to whatever size you choose. HyTex (HY) also uses the sensor, but is on a paper carrier and has a self-adhesive backing, making placement of the HyTex label very easy.

HiQ labels are the same as above, but with a specially designed adhesive to bond to the surface of barrier fabrics and other cleanroom type materials. The perforated is (TY) and continuous is (TW).

All HiQ labels are supplied in various size configurations and supplied with thermal ink to fit your thermal printer. For more information on size and quantity discounts please see our price sheet or speak directly with a Thermopatch specialist.



  • High Speed Printing
  • Correct amount of ink used every time
  • Many Sizes available
  • High Quality
  • Very Durable

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