Three functions in one; a standard heat-seal , direct imprint marking and an automatic roll to roll transfer feed machine. High speed, low cost branding!

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The DP2000T is perfectly suited for direct printing of property marking, branding, coding and care label instructions.

One machine, three functions:

1. Use as a standard heat-seal machine. Apply mending patches, identification labels or various emblems and transfers with the sealing kit which comes standard.

2. Looking to put the same mark onto materials in large quanties? The C- or D-tape, along with an engraved plate is the fastest and one of the lowest cost methods available. Simply slide the engraved plate into the DP2000T, let it warm up, load the C- or D-tape, put the material in being marked, then step on the foot pedal and in 4/10th to 5 seconds you will have a permanent mark. C-tape generally stamps on in 4/10th of a second, while D-tape is 4 to 5 seconds. You can also add a track onto the engraved plate for interchangable fonts for time stamping or coding.

3. If you have an need for a multi-color mark or very detailed small print, Hot Paper Transfers (HPT) are ideal. These can be loaded onto the automatic roll to roll feed that utilizes a sensor to make sure the mark lines up in the same spot each time.

(Click on the VIDEO tab to see all three functions in action)

A few functions that come standard on the DP2000T are a touch gaurd, an adjustable laser pointer to help guide where you put the mark, emegency stop switch and a foot pedal to free your hands for positioning the material.

The C-tape is supplied in 12 standard colors and D-tape has 3 standard colors. Special colors can be made for you if requested. The C-tape is for 100% cotton, Polyester/Cotton blends, while the D-tape is primarily used for most synthetics and barrier materials.


  • Automatic transfer roll feed system
  • Marks in an instant
  • Easy positioning
  • Multi-color marking

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